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Our Condominium Law Group is the industry leader in condominium law. The group consists of nine lawyers, including Armand Conant and Audrey Loeb.

Audrey Loeb is the leading author on Condominium Law in Canada and Armand Conant is an industry leader, former president of the Canadian Condominium Institute and currently a director of the Condominium Authority of Ontario, and has been extensively involved in the recent amendments to the Condominium Act, 1998. Between them they bring unparalleled experience together to assist their clients. They have gathered together a team of excellent lawyers representing the interests of their numerous condominium corporation clients.

Being part of a full-service law firm, the Condominium Law Group draws upon the expertise of lawyers in Shibley Righton's other practice areas when needed, including employment lawyers, construction lawyers, tax lawyers, and lending lawyers. Between us there are no matters, big or small, which we are not equipped to take on for our clients.

There are nine lawyers in the Shibley Righton condominium group, including Armand Conant and Audrey Loeb, who are two of the leaders in the industry. We have years of experience assisting board members and property managers to resolve is-sues that are unique to condominiums.

Our lawyers have expertise in governance, shared facilities, enforcement matters, col-lection of common expenses, employment issues, human rights, harassment, construction deficiencies, insurance claims and coverage, and more.

Our Philosophy

Our legal expertise and experience allow us to deliver advice and services that are tailored to the needs of your condominium corporation. Our condominium group strives to help our clients resolve their issues quickly and effectively. We focus on problem solving. We believe that condominiums are communities and our goal is to help our clients avoid confrontational situations that create discord.

Try us out and find out why hundreds of condominium corporations rely on us as their trusted advisors.

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